Democrat Strategist's Racist Tweets Condemned

Chinese American Citizens Alliance strongly rebukes and condemns the racist tweets perpetrated upon former Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao and the damaging rhetoric these words have upon Chinese Americans whose loyalty and patriotism to our United States is questioned by some who claim to be from the party that celebrates diversity the most.

Yellowface in 2014? Is It 2014 or 1914?

San Francisco, CA—Chinese American Citizens Alliance sees the current production of The Mikado in Seattle as continuing the stereotyping and harmful rhetoric toward Asian Americans, even to the point of using “yellow face” to simulate Asian participation when “black face” has long been eliminated from legitimate theatre. First produced in 1885 only 3 years after the passage of the Chinese Exclusion Act in 1882, The Mikado was Gilbert and Sullivan’s most popular comic opera. It has been widely produced in film and play throughout the world, by professionals and amateurs from national theaters to high schools. But today in 2014 in its current format at the Bagley Wright Theater in Seattle, it is time to end its run and consign it to historical dustbin, along with other racially insensitive pulp.


Students Comment on How Mainstream Media Views Chinese In America

The National Education Committee is pleased to announce the results of the 2014 National Essay Contest sponsored by the Chinese American Citizens Alliance.  Conducted March 1, 2014 and open to all students enrolled in high school (grades 9-12), participants are given up to two hours to compose an essay in English, not to exceed 500 words, on a contemporary topic concerning the Chinese and Asian American communities.

Immigrants Building America Exhibit in Houston

Whether you're Chinese or not and you're looking for a way to generate interest in your family, community organization or youth group's fundamental knowledge of the impact of Chinese immigrants upon our great nation, spend an afternoon at the Culture Center of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in Houston, Texas to read the stories and sacrifices of the Chinese from the early transcontinental railroad workers to breakthrough contributors in science, medicine, technology, arts, sports and politics. As beautifully documented in an impressive multi-panel display, the exhibit documents the rich and varied examples of the dedication of individuals and groups to rise above the challenges of discrimination, stereotyping and social injustices to take advantage of opportunities to build the nation.

In Observance of Memorial Day 2014

This Memorial Day truly provides a needed pause to reflect on this most solemn occasion as the more than a decade old wars in Iraq and Afghanistan has seen over 7,000 American men and women sacrifice their lives are added to the more than one million Americans who gave their all so that other 99.5% of us may live in freedom, exercise our basic civil rights and strive to reach our personal dreams.  Yes, less than 0.5% of our fellow Americans have volunteered to devote their energies and sacrifice their lives to the continuous fight to preserve our liberty, freedoms and rights in our United States of America.

Official Texas Historical Marker Dedicated to Chinese Texans and Civil Rights

Houston, TX, May 23, 2014—Buoyed by a large gathering of bipartisan elected officials and members of the Chinese American Citizens Alliance Houston Lodge, Houston Chinese Community Historian and Past Houston Lodge President Dr. Edward C.M. Chen and his family formally unveiled the long-awaited historical marker dedicated to Chinese Texans and Civil Rights.  The marker dedication, held on April 5, 2014 at the Bayland Park Community Center, signified the arrival of Chinese to the state of Texas in the 1870s and notes the similar struggles endured by all Chinese during the years to attain the same rights to citizenship, political and economic opportunities afforded to all who live in the United States.

Alliance Loses Another Community Leader in Houston

Past Houston Lodge President William Der Bing, Sr passed away on May 8, 2014 at Clear Lake Hospital, Webster, Harris County, Texas, while holding the hand of his beloved wife, Eleanor, of 67 years. Survived by his 3 children, William, Jr., Diana and Deborah, 4 grandsons and his expectant granddaughter-in-law, his sister and brother, he and Eleanor were were graciously humble, generously supportive and actively engaged in most every fact of civic, spiritual and community involvement imaginable.

2014 C. A. C. A. National Essay Contest (updated)

Since its beginning thousands of high school students across the nation have participated in the Alliance’s National Essay Contest. The essay contest is intended to foster creative thinking and self-expression and encourage an awareness of current local and world events. Top placing finishers receive cash scholarship towards their education endeavors.

This annual contest is open to any student enrolled in senior high school (grades 9-12). No entry fee required. Participants are to compose an essay in English not to exceed 500 words on a contemporary topic concerning the Chinese and Asian American communities. The essay topic is given at the time of the contest.

This year’s contest will be held Saturday, March 1, 2014, commencing at 10:00 a.m. and concluding at 12:00 p.m. (local time). Please contact your nearest host representative for additional information and/or to register. Please check back on this website if your nearest location and contact information has not been announced. Deadline date to register is February 24, 2014.

Application Form available online

Essay Contest Locations (confirmed as of January 29, 2014):

C.A.C.A. Response to KXL Billboard

October 30, 2013

Larry Wilson, CEO
Alpha Broadcasting

Bob Proffitt, COO
Alpha Broadcasting

Scott Mahalick, Program Director
Alpha Broadcasting Program Director

Messrs.' Wilson, Proffitt and Mahalick,

I am writing in response to both the demeaning message displayed on the billboard message that your agency placed at Portland's Old Town Chinatown as well as your response to the outcry among many individuals and groups, including our local affiliate, Chinese American Citizens Alliance-Portland.  As the National President of the Alliance (C.A.C.A.), among the nation's oldest civil rights and social advocacy organizations focused on addressing injustices perpetrated upon and inequities that have deprived our citizens of Chinese descent, I would be naïve to think the placement of this phrase from "Full Metal Jacket" wasn't meant to get clever laughs from those who know its origin and context.

Download C.A.C.A. Response to KXL Billboard

C.A.C.A. Response to Kimmel Skit

October 25, 2013

Mr. Paul Lee
ABC Entertainment Group
500 S. Buena Vista St.
Burbank, CA 91521-4589

Dear Mr. Lee:

As the National President of the Chinese American Citizens Alliance (C.A.C.A.), among the nation's oldest civil rights and social advocacy organizations focused on addressing injustices perpetrated upon and inequities that have deprived our citizens of Chinese descent, I wholeheartedly join other prominent leaders and organizations to express very serious concerns about the October 16th airing of the late night, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, which featured a skit titled "Kid's Table." By now you are aware of the segment where Kimmel questions a multi-ethnic group of children on how the U.S., on the heels of the government shutdown, should pay back the debt owed to China to which Braxton (very young, Caucasian boy) responds that the U.S. should "Kill Everyone in China."

Download C.A.C.A. Response to Kimmel Skit

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